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Can Royals Prospects Live Up to the Hype?

As Kansas City Royals fans enjoy early season success, we are constantly reminded of our “unseen” talent in the farm system. Each broadcast of a Royals games normally includes the names of Montgomery, Moustakas, and Hosmer, and they are not even playing for our Royals yet! With that being said, fans may expect to much once these players hit the diamon at Kauffman Stadium. Can these prospects really live up to their hype?

Each season of Royals baseball normally comes, and goes as fast as our talent reaching their prime, and jetting off to another organization.  Dye, Damon, Beltron, Dejesus , and Greinke (just to name a few) all left the Royals, as soon as they became stars.  But can you blame them?  Who wouldn’t leave an organization for better pay, and a chance to play for a contender elsewhere? So even if these prospects do live up to their hype, how long can we possibly keep them?

Ultimately this frustrates “small market” fans. Yeah you may have a good year, but what’s that say for your future? Perhaps you have a star or two, but your out of it (the playoff race) by the all-star break, then what? It’s become customary to sell off your players for prospects, or future picks in the draft if your long season is theoretically over halfway through.  So in essence, you trade away an established player now, in hopes that what you receive in return will be good for your team in 3-5 years? Why don’t we just demand a handful of “magic beans” for each star we sell off?

Royals fans now know we finally have prospects in our farm system that may help our team in the next year or two, but this may be adding to increased expectations.  Perhaps unrealistic expectations.

During the early success of this season, many fans will now anxiously await the arrival of our new talent. To the casual Royals fan, this is a new excitement, never before have we known so much about our farm system without some research of our own. This may be a bad situation. If these guys are called up and do not have immediate success, how patient can Royals fans expect to be? After all it’s been 25 years since we have had any major success in baseball.

What will be acceptable performance? At this point Royals fans might may be happy to avoid a hole in the day to day lineup (example 1, Kila, how did he make it this far without anyone noticing he might as well be a blind person swinging at a curve ball).

Lack of success in recent years, and our first real “big time” prospects could mean unmatchable expectations, no matter how they perform.

If they turn out to be good players, how long can Royals fans realistically expect to keep them? Or will they turn out to be another Royals great traded for “magic beans?”

Attendance has been down, which means Royals fans are not 100% on board with this season.  So whats the problem?  Are they all confident the wheels will fall off, or do they know the likelihood of us being competitive long term matches the odds of Kila hitting a curve ball, which is not good.

Maybe we should all jump on the Royals wagon now before it does fall apart.  How often have we been able to enjoy the Royals this late in the season?  Strong start, promising prospects on the way, a competitive team, whats not to like?  Who knows how long it will last before its back to the dark days of Royals baseball.

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