Ipad 2 v. Motorola Xoom

11 Mar

Today is the day many of us have been waiting on. At 5:00 p.m. the Apple iPad 2 will be launched at retail stores. Some consumers have already purchased their iPads through the online launch at 3:00 a.m. central time. At last check 7:00 a.m. central time, Apple still had some available.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock with the Geico Cavemen, you have seen this launch coming a few months back. Apple makes a huge secret about their release dates, but it’s always around the same time each year. If you have recently purchased an old iPad, some retailers are offering a cash rebate, or a trade in program.

The iPad 2 is available in white or black, wifi/3G, and wifi only. There are several different memory options, and those come at different price points. Apple’s iPad 2 will start at $499, for a 16gb, wifi only model. Apple’s only competition starts at $539 (Motorola Xoom).

Many experts have said the Motorola Xoom, lacks the brightness, and crispness of the iPad 2’s display. The Xoom is also running off software that is still in the development stages (meaning crashes on your Xoom will be a likely event), while Apple has tweaked their software over the years since their introduction to the first iPhone. Reliability goes to Apple.

If you opt for a data plan, AT&T has the cheapest plan for average users (under 2gb per month). Verizon has bigger data packages for data hungry consumers, or corporate accounts (over 3gb per month).

Despite the lack of flash (for playing media on webpages), Apple’s iPad 2 is the clear winner in popularity, price, performance, size, and not to mention apps.

Apples app store has over 400,000 apps to choose from, while the Motorola app store has only a fraction of those apps. Another victory for Apple.

If you are paranoid about space on your iPad, the Xoom does accept memory cards for additional memory. There are several different options out there that work well with Apple to provide free online storage of documents, if you should end up with an overflow of documents on your iPad 2.

Bottom line, the clear winner, and your tablet of choice should be the iPad 2. Now go get in line for the retail launch, or online now!

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